Mattsson Metal

A knowledge company

Mattsson Metal is one of northern Europe’s leading sub-contract manufacturers of hot-pressed metal parts of the highest quality.

Our customers all have one thing in common: they set very high standards and expect us to deliver the best that the market can offer. These requirements are naturally not limited to our products; they also include service and logistics, from product development to just-in-time delivery.

Mattsson Metal is much more than just a company that manufactures metal parts! We have all the skills, know-how and resources that are needed to be a good partner. We therefore see ourselves as a knowledge company and we aim to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Mattsson Metal has dedicated staff whose main task is to work closely with our customers to help them develop their products. Working from an initial idea, we can create a product that is perfectly matched to your specific needs. We can also take a customer’s existing products and refine them and/or improve the way they are manufactured. Very often we can find new solutions that will allow your parts to be produced more efficiently. We also have in-house toolmaking resources, which give added assurance that our solutions can be produced efficiently and are cost-effective.

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