Competing for Sweden

Mattsson Metal

Our company now employs around 112 people. Like most companies, we operate in an environment of stiff competition from other companies. The moment when our customers make the decision to enlist us or any of our competitors is crucial for us. But it is also the moment of truth for you and many others. When Mattsson Metal AB wins an order it enables us to contribute to the prosperity that benefits us all. Our main contribution to prosperity is through the goods and services we produce. But we also contribute to our collective security and prosperity. When we are successful it has many other positive knock-on effects.

It creates new jobs for us, and in the long term, for other companies, and it brings in more tax revenue for society. Last year, our company and our employees contributed around SEK 20 million to the prosperity of Sweden. That is roughly equivalent to the cost of:

166 pre-school places

  • 166 pre-school places
  • 15,866 medical visits

Mattsson Metal AB competes for Sweden every day, and if we are sufficiently competitive we will be able to continue winning and contributing to prosperity.

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